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Salt Spray Testing for corrosion resistance

Hardchrome Plating

Hardchrome Plating is an electroplated, hard wearing deposit, designed to extend and enhance the performance of surface areas prone to wear and/ or subject to corrosion. Hardchrome plating is one of the most universal surface enhancements available on the market. There are no “line of sight’ issues so internal diameters are plated as readily as external and due to the low temperature that plating occurs at, no heat distortion issues either. With the ability to plate deposits ranging from a few microns to 1.0mm and over, and the fact that Hard Chrome can be easily removed, it is ideal as a sacrificial coating, enhancing the life of expensive components. Hardchrome plating is the ideal solution for rebuilding pistons and worn seal or bearing diameters back to original dimensions and in the process enhancing those areas. With all these qualities and hardness levels of 72 Rockwell C scale, Hardchrome plating is the go too option when considering your surface finishing needs.

Electroless Nickel Plating


Electroless Nickel Plating is an extremely corrosion resistant, hard wearing deposit that plates with complete uniformity and has a very low co-efficient of friction. Making it ideal for a wide variety of component enhancement. The deposit is extremely resistant to both chemical and corrosive attack. At Toolchrome we offer mid and low phosphorous Electroless Nickel plating. The deposits have an as plated Hardness value of 50 and 63 Rockwell C scale respectively. With the mid phosphorous plate reaching values of 68 Rockwell C scale after follow up heat treatment.

Sulphamate Nickel Plating


Sulphamate Nickel Plating is a low stressed deposit that is extremely corrosion resistant and ideal for heavy build ups on worn seal and bearing journals and can be used in conjunction with Hardchrome plating to great advantage. The deposit itself can be milled, turned or ground to exacting sizes or a thin deposit can be applied to protect surfaces from adverse corrosion. The accompanying photo is an Aluminium Piston that was plated in Sulphamate Nickel, ground to a size then Hard Chrome plated and ground to final dimensions.

Machining, Grinding and Linishing


Toolchrome has a wide range of grinding, machining and linishing capabilities with a maximum grinding length of 4 meters and a swing capacity of 720mm. Linishing up to 6 meters in length. At Toolchrome we offer Cylindrical grinding, internal and external, Surface grinding, Milling, Turning, Linishing and Polishing capabilities.

Automated Shot Peening


Automated Shot Peening is  a process that not only work hardens the surface but induces a compressive stress into the material thus increasing the fatigue life of the component and inhibiting crack propagation. Ideally suited for high tensile materials or components that undergo heavy stress in their environment ie. Conrods, Landing gear pistons and actuators etc. We also offer glass bead blasting capabilities.

Salt Spray Testing


Salt Spray Testing is a process that tests the corrosion resistance of metallic materials, inluding plated deposits over various underlying substrates. We use this process to confirm and validate our own in-house Electroplated and Auto Catalytic deposited processes as well as that of external customers and their own requirements.